Dave’s Paper Snowflake Patterns

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Christmas Trees with Paper Snowflake Decorations

Every year for at least the last 20 years we have gone out to a Christmas tree farm with several other families and picked out and cut down our Christmas trees.  We have had as many as six baled trees lashed to the top of our minivan. Usually we then head down to the beach and enjoy a Christmas lunch of sandwiches, hot chocolate and lots of Christmas treats.

Each year paper snowflakes make up a key component to the decorations on our tree, as captured in the photos below, taken at our house and at my daughter’s house over the last few years. Click on any of the thumbnail images below to bring up a photo viewer.  With the viewer open, clicking on the background will close the viewer.

Ready for the journey home from the tree farm with five Christmas trees lashed to the roof of our van.

Note: Position cursor over image at left for larger image view.