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Dave’s Paper Snowflake Patterns

NOTE: The paper snowflake images and patterns on this site are for personal and educational use only. Commercial use is strictly prohibited without the expressed written permission of David C. Stredulinsky.

Copyright © 1999-2017 David C. Stredulinsky.  All Rights Reserved.

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Snowflake Pattern Site Membership

To access the patterns and instructions for over 500 paper snowflakes on this site you must first purchase a membership. This costs $12.00 for the first year and can be renewed at half price in subsequent years. The membership gives you unlimited access to the site and allows you to view and print directly or download the pattern pages. Payment can be made through either PayPal or by mailing a cheque as per instructions given when you place your order. The members’ area now also contains fully symmetric vector files in different formats for 58 snowflakes for use with computer controlled cutting machines.

The Patterns are also available on a CD. If you purchase a CD (perhaps to give away as a Christmas gift) then you will also receive a complementary 1-year membership to the site. See the CD Sales page for more information.  The member pages and CD also contain Blank patterns to assist you in folding and cutting your own snowflake designs.

Each year, I add another 20 to 30 new snowflake patterns to the site using new paper snowflakes that I create during the Christmas holidays.

Jan 2, 2018:  Patterns for 26 new paper snowflakes, created over the Christmas 2017 season, are now available for download in the Members’ Area.  Please login or purchase a membership below.

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Paper snowflakes on our tree. Christmas 2014