HEART Snowflakes

I have had some requests for "heart" snowflakes for weddings and for Valentine's Day. Click on the thumbnail images to bring up a larger image of the paper snowflake design.

Pattern No. Heart-1 Pattern No. Heart-2 Pattern No. Heart-3 Pattern No. Heart-4 Pattern No. Heart-5 Pattern No. Heart-6 Pattern No. Heart-7

Below is an example pattern for one "Heart" snowflake. I have provided one sheet with the "pattern and instructions" and a second sheet with only the pattern (this will print out as a larger snowflake). The larger size is easier to fold and cut out.
NOTE: The pattern below is in PDF format so you need Adobe Acrobat reader or another PDF viewer to view and print the pattern (go here for FREE Adobe Reader download).

Snowflake No. 141

Pattern & Instructions

Pattern Only (larger snowflake)

If you are interested in more patterns then please go back to the home page on this site where you can obtain a yearly subsription to download patterns for over 450 paper snowflakes. These are also available on CD.
NOTE: The snowflake images and patterns on this site are for personal and educational use only. Commercial use is strictly prohibited without the written permission of David C. Stredulinsky


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