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Dave’s Paper Snowflake Patterns

NOTE: The paper snowflake images and patterns on this site are for personal and educational use only. Commercial use is strictly prohibited without the expressed written permission of David C. Stredulinsky.

Copyright © 1999-2017 David C. Stredulinsky.  All Rights Reserved.

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Free Paper Snowflake Patterns and Images

This page links to scanned images of over 500 paper snowflakes that have been cut out of ordinary writing paper or computer paper with small scissors and also provides some sample patterns that you can print and cut out to create your own snowflakes. You can also view photos of some of our Christmas trees decorated with paper snowflakes. I have also added cutting files for one of the patterns for use with computer controlled die cutters typically used in srcapbooking.

The snowflakes have been used to decorate our Christmas tree, windows, furniture, and doorways during the Christmas season for the last 35 years or so. Each Christmas we make a few more to add to our collection. They provide a wintry personal touch to Christmas decorations and if handled with care the snowflakes can be used over and over for many years. I hope you enjoy looking at the images and I hope that they inspire you to create your own paper snowflakes.

NOTE: This site is all about cut paper Christmas decorations. Real snowflakes have six points. On this site you will find paper cutouts with 3, 4, 6, 8 and more points. Technically only those with six points should be called snowflakes and the rest are generally referred to as "stars".

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Snowflake Images Patterns Tree Photos Cutting Files
View images of over 500 paper snowflakes that I have made over the last 25 years. Free patterns for use in folding and cutting out paper snowflakes. Photos of some of our Christmas trees decorated with paper snowflakes. Example cutting files for Snowflake No. 2012-35