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Dave’s Paper Snowflake Patterns

NOTE: The paper snowflake images and patterns on this site are for personal and educational use only. Commercial use is strictly prohibited without the expressed written permission of David C. Stredulinsky.

Copyright © 1999-2017 David C. Stredulinsky.  All Rights Reserved.

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Machine Cutting Files for Snowflake Patterns

Some time ago I acquired a Bosskut Gazelle die cutting machine which is popular for use in Scrapbooking. I used it to cut copies of a few of my snowflakes out of card stock. The folding of several layers of paper makes a paper snowflake that is not truly symmetric. To create a symmetry version, I started with a 30 degree wedge of the scanned snowflake image, created a vector version (cleaned up and smoothed), and then built up fully symmetric vector files in different formats. Some of the formats can be brought into the Bosskut Funtime software, for example, or into other cutting machine software such a the Silhouette Studio software, used with the popular Silhouette cutting machines. The vector cutting files can easily be scaled to cut various snowflakes sizes.  I also provide high-resolution symmetric image files that your software can use to create vector files (if a different format is needed).


Express your interest: If you have an interest in more cutting files for any of my snowflake patterns then please let me know by email or visit our Facebook page. NEW Jan 2, 2016: Symmetric cutting files for 71 selected paper snowflakes are now available in the Member’s Area of this site.

Position cursor over image on left to bring up a larger image of the cleaned, symmetric version of Snowflake No. 2012-35 suitable for import into cutting file generation software.

Image on right is Snowflake No 2012-35 cut out of card stock with the Gazelle die cutter.

Cutting Files for Snowflake 2012-35
Right-click your mouse cursor on any of the cutting file links below to “save link or target as …”:

PNG Image file: This is suitable to import into most cutter software but then has to be converted to a vector cutting file.

WPC file: Cutting file for Bosskut Funtime

Studio3 file: Cutting file for Silhouette Studio V3

Studio file: Cutting file for earlier versions of Silhouette Studio

Other vector file formats:

- PDF file

- SVG file

- DXF file